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Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic Bodywork, and Embodiment Sessions

Integrate self-care with body care for optimal wellness.
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Collaborative Sessions to Stay Connected to the Present

Experience emotional relief

Address feelings of heightened anxiety and depression that often result in accumulated bodily stress.

Focus on your internal connection

Enter a state of complete self-awareness through mental and physical synergies.

Create holistic wellness

Boost mental health by complementing other wellness practices like counseling, yoga, and reiki.

What is an embodiment massage?

An embodiment massage is an intentional, trauma-informed, and collaborative bodywork session with a licensed massage therapist. Your session will provide you the freedom to create your own personal, somatic healing experience — empowering you to identify and choose your intentions in a space that feels right for you. In practice, an embodiment massage connects physical sensations with a trauma-informed approach to calm the nervous system. This combination of techniques can include breathwork, joint movement, and gentle guidance.

In traditional massage, muscles and other soft tissues are manipulated using different pressures, movements, and techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, and relaxation. These massages are often used to relieve stress and tension, heal injuries, and support overall wellness.

We offer both forms of massage to support your individual wellness needs — whether it’s to enhance your mental health, supplement other practices, or engage in self-care.

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Frequently asked questions

What does your intake process look like?

Before the session begins, we’ll review your health history and wellness goals to plan a safe and effective session. We’ll also discuss your clothing, physical contact, and pace preferences — our licensed massage therapist is here to empower you in your session.

At this time and throughout the session, we also encourage your to express any needs you may have from your therapist.

Who can benefit from an embodiment session or massage?

In short, anyone who is interested in optimizing holistic wellness or exploring intentional bodywork can benefit from an embodiment or massage therapy. As a tool for any healing journey, sessions can be beneficial for those who find it challenging to receive touch just as much as they can help individuals who receive frequent massages.

An embodiment massage can be a good fit for you if you…

  • Have experienced trauma
  • Struggle to receive touch in a way that feels safe
  • Want to build a meaningful connection with your body
  • Are confronting feelings around shame or self-image
  • Identify as a member of a marginalized or oppressed group
  • Are seeking a massage that’s more meaningful than medical, or more restorative than relaxing

Can I gift a massage therapy session? 

Yes! We offer gift cards that you can give to a friend.

How long are the session? 

You choose your preferred length — 60, 90, and 120-minute sessions are available. 

What do the sessions cost? 

The rate for all sessions is $100 per hour with discounts available for extended session times or multi-session packages. However, if you're struggling financially, please reach out and we will work with you to make sessions more financially accessible.

Do I have to undress?

That's entirely up to you! We can do meaningful work together either way. Some people undress fully, some leave on undergarments, and some remain fully clothed. There are no wrong answers, and we can always adjust the techniques used during your session depending on your needs. All of our sessions include full draping, and we only expose areas as they're being worked on.

Can I focus my session on a specific area of concern?

Absolutely. If you're struggling with pain or discomfort in a specific area, it can be profoundly impactful to focus most or all of a session's time on that concern. You can also book a longer session to receive the benefits of a full body massage well as specific concern areas.

Is it okay if I talk, sleep, ask questions, etc.?

Yes, please! Everyone brings their own unique needs to this work, and we encourage you to feel welcome and comfortable being yourself. Some prefer quiet, others prefer music. Some are perfectly still, and others need to move around and fidget. We encourage you to bring your authentic self to the session and come with questions.