Make the most of your counseling with yoga practices designed to relieve chronic stress and propel your personal healing.
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Using Yoga To Support Your Well-Being

Find more joy

Catch your breath and lower stress through guided meditation and mindfulness practices.

Navigate life's challenges

Cultivate self-awareness to help you better handle life changes.

Clear your mind

Learn lifelong strategies to relax your mind and enhance mental clarity both on and off the mat.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that brings harmony to the mind and the body. It is a well-known wellness activity that has been shown to reduce stress and increase energy.

This supportive practice is built for anyone. Yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body regardless of your experience or activity level. This restorative, inclusive, and empowering practice offers benefits for all.

Our goal is to guide you and help your practice on the mat transform your whole life.

Have more questions? We’re here for you.

Is your yoga for beginners or experienced practitioners?

We provide a safe space for all those who are interested in yoga. Our practices will be tailored to fit your needs regardless of if you are a beginner or experienced.

Is your yoga private or in a group setting?

Both! Please check our social media or contact us for information on our current small group yoga. We offer these as series that focus on a specific topics typically in 6-week increments. We also offer private yoga sessions for up to 2 people.

What can I expect in a yoga session?

Our office has a peaceful, dedicated space for all yoga sessions. Classes will include breath awareness, meditation, and light movement. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat. We will handle the rest!

How much does yoga cost?

The small group sessions are $25 a week. Private yoga sessions are $100 for an hour.

How does yoga complement counseling?

Yoga goes hand in hand with self-awareness. You will learn actionable strategies to practice relaxation, mindfulness, and control. A dedicated session will also allow you to cultivate physical techniques to deal with chronic pain. 

Do you offer offsite yoga?

Yes! We provide yoga in settings such as schools, businesses, child care centers, and other more. If you are interested in incorporating the benefits of yoga into your programming, contact us to explore custom options.