Counseling for Young Adults

Do you feel like you're expected to know what you need to be doing in life?

    We can help with transitioning into adulthood.

    We know that life isn't the same as it was when your parents were your age. Life is different with many challenges. We get that there is school, work, and finding relationships. Being an adult and in charge of your life isn't all that you expected it to be and comes with stress. We know that you're trying your best and we understand that you may need some extra support in finding yourself into adulthood.

    Who can benefit from young adult counseling?

    If you are experiencing a life change and feel lost about what is best for you. If you’re looking for meaning in this  stage of life and can’t seem to identify what's important to you going forward. If you want help establishing significant connections with friends and romantic partners and setting boundaries in these relationships. If you are invested in improving your quality of life and building the future that you deserve.