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Overwhelm and distress should never be your norm. If you’re feeling anxious, exhausted, and irritable at baseline, it’s time to find clarity through wellness. 

When it comes to managing your stress and anxiety, counseling is just one piece of the puzzle. 

We’re here to provide modalities, coping tools, and resources to help you on your path to healing. Our approach to holistic wellness will help you seamlessly integrate healthy practices into your everyday life.

Your path to self-discovery through wellness is here.

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Wellness and counseling go hand-in-hand 

Both wellness activities and counseling play a vital role in helping you live your healthiest, happiest life.

Cope with life transitions

You deserve to move forward. From past trauma to current life events, wellness practices can help you address any challenges you face.

Lower chronic stress and anxiety

Holistic wellness practices are designed to promote mental and physical relaxation. In times of stress, you’ll have access to tension-relieving practices.

Enhance emotional safety

Your ability to process, express, and release emotions can strengthen through regular counseling and wellness services.

Feel empowered and happier

Peace of mind is within reach. Wellness practices integrate deeper emotional and physical feelings into your day-to-day to boost your mood and energy.

Wellness for your whole self

Explore wellness practices designed to help you restore balance and find internal peace across all areas of your life.


An embodiment massage is an intentional, trauma-informed, and collaborative bodywork session with a licensed massage therapist. 

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An energy healing practice to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Reiki is a 1:1 approach to healing under the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

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A mind and body practice to help you achieve relaxation. Our classes cover topics including breathing techniques, meditative practices, and restorative poses.

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Your first step toward holistic healing starts now.
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