Our Wellness Services

Life is stressful! Managing that stress can sometimes be very difficult. CLE Counseling and Wellness Center knows this and our goal is provide different modalities to help you manage stress. Our goal is to help you on your journey to healing in as many ways as possible. We are happy to be offering wellness services in addition to our mental health services. 


We are offering both some small group yoga sessions as well as private yoga. Our goal is to provide a safe space for all those who are interested in yoga. If you are a beginner or experienced, we hope to tailor to your needs.

Please bring your yoga mat, we will provide the rest!  

Please check our social media or contact us for information on our current small group yoga. We offer these as series that focus on a specific topic typically in 6 week increments. The small group sessions are $25 a week.

Our private yoga sessions are for up to 2 people. Our goal is to provide individualized care for each client. We will help in addressing chronic pain, stress, and any other areas that you would like to address in these sessions. They will be adjusted according to your comfort level both physically and emotionally. Private yoga sessions are $100 for an hour.

6 Reasons Private Yoga is Helpful:

  • Cultivate physical and mental self-awareness
  • Learn ways to ease and deal with chronic pain
  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Learn and practice meditation and mindfulness
  • Learn how to face fears and self-doubt
  • Find an internal locus of control

Off Site Yoga 

We are able to provide yoga in different settings. Sometimes schools, businesses, child care centers, or groups want to incorporate the benefits of yoga into their programming. We always welcome creating customized yoga for your location! 


Reiki is the ancient Japanese practice of managing the flow of energy in all things that have life. The goal is to break down energy blocks, expand energetic flow, and increase energetic balance both within ourselves and in relationship with our environment/experiences.  Our energetic system may become out of balance when we have disease, illness, or high levels of stress. Reiki helps to bring balance back to the chakra system. Many clients use Reiki in conjunction with other healthcare services, including therapy. 

Clients remain fully clothed during the sessions. These sessions may include aromatherapy, crystals, blankets, and props to get comfortable as needed. Due to Reiki being energy based, sometimes light touch is used and is driven by the energetic impulse experienced by the provider. Consent is always requested prior to sessions for any touch. The client may feel a lot of comforting heat or subtle pulsations. This helps one to feel relaxed and at peace. It is not uncommon for someone to drift into a meditative state or “sleep,” waking refreshed and feeling more clarity.

We offer Reiki sessions in 60 minute sessions as well as packages.

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